Sunday, November 27, 2005


Signs of Intelligence
Whether or not you've been following the debate between evolution and intelligent design, this article by Justic Webb of BBC News is very much worth reading: a short summary and some key questions at the heart of the matter. And in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Kenneth Miller sums up the Catholic position on the weird science.

Burden of Class
Evidently, the upper-classes will also be feeling a pinch in the pocketbook. Seems the supply of caviar is dwindling at an alarming rate because scores of poachers haunting the shores of the Caspian sea are raping the waters for "the briny eggs." I guess I'll have to forego my valet's Christmas bonus. And Jeeves' was so looking forward to that new gold-plated shoehorn.

Up Comes Religious--Again
In Egypt, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is widely anticipated to come out a winner in upcoming elections. In Malaysia, the war is on between the religious and the secular. And in all of Southeast Asia, religious harmony is unraveling fasting than you can say 'Om'. Something tells me it's not going as planned for BushCo. Now, where do you suppose they went wrong? Was it the invasion of Iraq and the continuing lawless way of life there? The mispoken reference to the Crusades? The fanatical and militant Christian dispensationalism at the core of Bush's base? Or could it be that enormous not-white elephant in the room, the old black leviathan called Oil? I just can't decide. Would you like a congeries with that Martini, sir?

More Deja Vu
Judith Coburn takes us back to Watergate, reminding us that the real scandal was not the third-rate burglary of an office but the covert and illegal carpet bombing of Cambodia. The Nixon administration, and especially Henry Kissinger, deceived the public and Congress about an unwinnable war far from home. Sound familiar? It should, both Cheney and Rumsfeld served President Nixon, and ever since have obssessed over the issue of consolidating power in the execute branch. Perhaps Karl Rove, when leaking it to the press, would call it Double Secret, Super-Duper Executive Privilege. Given my interest in Weimar German philosophy, culture and politics, I prefer the more concise and accurate 'dictatorship.'


Are we living in the End-Times, as Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye keep saying in their Left Behind novels? No. But we're certainly coursing through an auspicious moment in world history. Start keeping a journal today, and remain a devoted scribe of your daily thinking. See if your grandchildren aren't touting it on a future episode of Antiques Roadshow as a "beautiful window into a significant period in history." Cut off your ear or go insane, and it will be worth millions.