Monday, October 17, 2005


My son and I just returned from the hobby shop with a model airplane, specifically a P-51A Mustang, the real one of which was arguably one of the best World War II fighter plane on the Allied side. (The P-51D was a vast improvement.) The model was priced at $27.99. Fortunately, we were able to appeal to the cashier's inner child and buy it for half off, taking advantage of a sale that actually ended last week. But the money was his, not mine.

As you may know, plastics are made from petroleum, meaning the price of crude oil affects the price of plastics, thus leading to higher prices for model planes, cars, ships, etc. Now, I'm just as annoyed at the recent hike in gas prices as anyone else, but I also know that we Americans are still paying much less than our European counterparts, who average about $5.00 per gallon. But $30.00 for a 1/48 scale model airplane is pretty ridiculous, no matter how accurate the replica may be. It's not as if this particular model comes complete with glue, paint, and a brush. That's extra. So, it looks as though not only are we parents being hit at the gas pump by the diminishing supply of oil and the greed of the industy, so are the kids. A dose of hard realism for the young.