Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Ever the spectacle, the U.S.'s Queen Mum, Barbara Bush, toured the Astrodome yesterday amid the sea of Katrina disaster victims. In an interview on APM's "Marketplace", she described the situation as " kind of scary" that "they all want to stay in Texas." Indeed, from the vantage point of American aristocracy, thousands of poor, displaced, homeless people who are very pissed off at the dubious 'Crown Prince' make a frightening constituency.

Do you hear that George II? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because the rabble are not please. Not please at all.

The hurricane victims, who she described as "underprivileged anyway," have traded up from the squalid living conditions in New Orleans to cots and crowds in a sports arena, "so this is working very well for them."

Perhaps we could invite them all down to Galveston this December for the annual Dickens on the Strand. What with all the horse-drawn buggies, top hats, and velvet apparel, we simply don't have enough poor folk to really set the mood.