Monday, September 05, 2005


With Karl Rove and Dan Bartlett feeding the NY Times the usual spin and outright falsehoods (for example: Governor Blanco didn't declare a state-of-emergency to allow federal assistance sooner--false), we can see that all the fine talk among conservatives about personal accountability and responsibility are...well, just fine talk. Shrub the Puppet obviously has no moral compass: his staff directs him to do this and say that about Iraq and New Orleans, scores of people die, and yet he never once has owned up to his own or his administration's responsibility in making costly mistakes.

I wonder if there might be a tipping point in popular opinion about Bush. His supporters seem incapable of recognizing his mistakes, his inability to resolve crises (energy in California, war in Iraq, flooding in New Orleans), or his astonishing lack of real leadership. Poll numbers seem to be approaching some sort of watershed, but the spin machine has been pretty successful to date in reversing any defeating tides.

A note to conservatives: The Bush administration has not declared homosexuality illegal. It has not caught Osama bin Laden. It has not succeeded in dismantling Social Security. It has not addressed the problems of a failing nation-wide power grid. It has not secured the border with Mexico. And it has little control over the escalating cost of gasoline. What do you see in this guy? Are you really seduced by that phoney country lawyer routine?

Bush and his buddies have, however, run the national deficit up to its highest level ever. They've gotten the U.S embroiled in a very dire, entractable conflict in the Middle East. They've stood by while both North Korea and Iran develop nuclear capabilities. And they've done nothing to slow the one-way trade deficit with China. And yet, no one in this administration is capability--dare I say man enough--to admit to mistakes, and take responsibility for failures. A sign of cowardice and lack of character.