Saturday, September 03, 2005


The ailing Supreme Courst Chief Justic William Rehnquist has died. He was surely the most conservative member of the court.

Update: Bush is 'amending' his selection of John Roberts from Associate Justice (to replace Sandra Day O'Connor) to Chief Justice (to replace Rehnquist). The confirmation hearings have been postponed until after WR's funeral. This change of course alters the landscape of nomination, confimation and selection enormously. With Roberts being tapped to replace Rehnquist, Democrats could conceivably argue that the selection to replace O'Connor be far more moderate, and a woman. Blatantly obvious is that the aristocrats in the White House are making up their strategy as they go along. Let's remember that Roberts was considered to be on an ideological par with O'Connor, but now he's said to be right to fill Rehnquist's shoes. Ad hoc Supreme Court justice--just like the 2000 election.