Thursday, September 08, 2005


  • Halliburton reconstruction contracts along the Gulf Coast brokered before the search and rescue was complete.
  • FEMA funding to a predominantly Republican Florida county far south of hurricane destruction.
  • Staged presidential photo-ops with firefighters which halt rescue operations.
  • A press corp with little integrity not agressive enough in challenging White House comments.
  • Classism and racism among adminstration officials and conservative commentators so blatant one wonders just what it would take to rouse popular conscience.
Until now I've held out for positive political change in the United States, hoping that the Democrats would miraculously show some backbone and challenge the enormously corrupt Republicans as well as the pernicious ties between corporate influence and government. Today we learn that Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) chaired Michael Brown's confirmation hearing. Nice goin', Joe.

I had hoped for the mainstream news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS) to report the facts and and stop accepting verbatim adminstration talking points and counter-factuals, that, for example, Governor Blanco didn't call out the National Guard in time. She issued a state of emergency and alerted the Guard on Friday before the Hurricane hit.

I had hoped that working people who voted for Bush would finally snap out of the trance induced by conservative dogma and Rovian propaganda and see the truth of this adminstration's corruption, graft, greed, political cronyism, and all around inhumanity.

My hope for positive political change however is melting away. I'm beginning to think that the only path toward real change, absent greedy and inhumane corporate influence, absent phoney patriotism and outright lies from the White House, absent a party-line news media, with real men and women of integrity and moral conscience sitting in Congress and a President who isn't bone-deep stupid and led by the nose, necessitates something close to the Reign of Terror in revolutionary France.

I suspect, however, that if a revolution were to come, afterwards we would find that a Halliburton subsidiary constructed the guillotines, and is over-billing the new government.