Sunday, September 04, 2005


I've spoken with a lot of people who keep asking the same question: "Why didn't the people of New Orleans just leave before the hurricane hit?" Everyone asking this question is either a solid member of the overclass, or one of those deluded proles who really and truly believes he or she is part of the A-crowd, even though they work 24/7 with only 1 week of vacation per year, have no country-club memberships, have neither academic of vocational tenure, and earn well-below $100,000 annually. This inquisitive crowd has no idea whatsoever about the realities, the day-to-day brutalities and even trauma, of the working poor in this country.

Yes, believe it or not, poor folk can't simply load up the SUV with a pullman filled with clean clothes and fine toiletries, and head out for an extended weekend at the Holiday Inn or Aunt Sally's ranch house in the country. In a phrase: they simply don't have the money or the resources.

Wake up! people. And smell the flood water.